Asus New X79 Deluxe vs P9X79 Pro-Deluxe

Hello ,
I am planning to build a new rig for my studio. I would like to know if there are big difference between new X79-Deluxe and previous P9X70 Pro / Deluxe models. The X79 Deluxe model hasn't been released here in Moscow Russia yet so my choices are either old pro or Deluxe models. Should I wait for the new X79 release here or just go with old ones?

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  1. As far as I can tell, there is no significant difference between the two.
  2. id get a gigabyte x79-up4 if is available due to the much lower cost and same quality. otherwise id probably get the x79 pro board. the new board is better in terms of the vrm and updated software, but then id hardly say it would be useful
  3. I am not very pleased with Gigabyte board. I still use one at the moment. I bought it back in 2009 still running but 2 USB ports died and runs pretty hot. Although I ran it in very harsh, hot and humid environments, it worked ok. I know it is a little out dated so I am building a DAW class pc with every possible good and reliable hardware. I did a little market research about DAW computers most of the companies build with ASUS X79 boards. Either pro or deluxe versions.
    Here is a list of the hardware I am planning to buy:

    CPU: i7 - 4930K
    MOBO: Asus X79 Deluxe (btw the now have this in stock here)
    RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 1600 32GB

    I know the ram is a little over kill but I won't have to worry about upgrading ram for a year or two. Plus it is hard to find certain good components here in Moscow. So my best choice is Platinum right now. Any recommendations appreciated.

    p.s. I run ram/cpu hungry multiple plugins.
  4. still wouldnt recommend something so overpriced. it doesnt matter what others use for their rigs as the motherboard no makes zero difference in performance and overclocking. its merely to slot everything in

    getting dominator platinums is the biggest joke out there. you pay 2x the price of the regular 4x8gb kits yet there is no benefit.
  5. Well the prices here in Moscow market is weird. The starting price of 32G kits is around 330$ the and there is only 60$ difference between dominator.
    As a matter of fact G.Skill is more expensive than Corsair kits.
  6. dont pay the 60 dollars. its useless
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