how to ground myself before instaling my new motherboard and my new i5 cpu

today i ll need to instal them but im worry how to ground myself before instal them

i dont have a strap
i just khnow that i can touch my case but my case is not made from metal
also i dont have switch on my psu
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  1. Find something metal to touch. What case do you have?
  2. plug in the power supply in the power outlet and touch a screw on it or what ever is hooked up to the ground the power supply chase is grounded just screw a screw if it is painted ;)
    always remember if you don't have a strap no problem touch the power supply before touching components:)
    even if it is not switched on at least for it to be hooked up to power outlet
  3. but i just told that my psu dont have a switch on and of on it
    so can i just touch any metal i have
  4. the switch will only turn on the power supply. power supply is always grounded with or with out turning it on .you can but i highly recommend this just to be sure
  5. touch something metallic, don't work on the carpet or somewhere static might build up. i build my own pc, clean it, upgrade it, never had an issue.
    but if you want you can buy one of those anti static wrist strap thingy, lol , sorry not sure what it's called
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