Computer turn on if power button is pressed and hold.

Hello, my CPU fan only turn on if power button is pressed and hold it. if i release the button, CPU fan turn off.

I already take off everything include CPU unit. i not gonna hold this button forever. please help me.
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  1. 1.power supply might be faulty
    2.motherboard is damaged
    swap the power supply if nothing works take it for service

    note in new systems it is normal to experience a the CPU fan stopping for 2-3 seconds and then powering on fine when power button is pushed
    i had experienced the same problem swapped out the power supply and i was good to go
  2. thanks for the feed back. i already change new power supply because previous power supply is fault. After the replacement, CPU fan stopping for 2-3 seconds if i push power button. but if i press and hold it, CPU fan running great.
  3. so everything running fluidly now?
  4. nope, still the same. i still need to hold the start button to make the CPU fan run.
  5. best thing to do is take it to a service center near you if you have warranty take it there so they can replace if something is bad.
    it is possible that the mother board is damaged due to a power surge and mess up the circuitry that powers up the fan.
  6. Yeah, I think something like that too. but the warranty seal already broken LOL. haha. how should i tell them. wew...~~
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    It looks like a short, but it might be a faulty motherboard also.
    Try taking the board outside the case, install only CPU and CPU fan and start the board. See if spinning without holding the power button.
    If wires not long enough, use a screwdriver and shortly touch the 2 pins on the motherboard corresponding to the power button.
  8. aha.. that's fresh idea to me. i will report you soon. thanks for the advice.
  9. if the warranty seal was on the case tell them it was dusty inside and i blew it with compressed air and i had to open the case.
    if you removed stickers from the motherboard nothing to do there.
    every component has its own warranty motherboard may have warranty 2 years gpu 4 years.
  10. seem that my motherboard faulty. i done all the step. i called the vendor and tell them my condition and about the sticker too. They said "we will try our best to claim the warranty". wew.. im gonna send my computer now. thank for all your kindness guys.
  11. no problem next time if there is a problem if it is under warranty always go with it you will save hours from being worried to holding the start button :)
    there will be no problem the will fix it without any cost ;)
  12. I know its old but anyone else looking for an answer can swap the power button for one that stays pushed in when you press it and pops out when pushed again Or a toggle switch. So if it is a momentary switch, don't buy it.
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