Need a cooler solution.

You probably already know gaming PC's run so hot and my room feels like an oven because of all the heat it produces. When my PC is off, my room is cool enough and then when I start gaming my graphics card reaches 90-99 degrees, or even 70 and above is hot enough to heat up my room so much. It's annoying trying to turn up a/c to combat the problem because it's so hot and my room in the house is the last room in the house to get cooled, so it's hard keeping it cool with a gaming pc around. This is useful in the winter time at least, but living in TX, any weather BUT winter is hot.

I need a better cooling solution. I saw some weird projects like getting a dryer exhaust tube and making some window mechanism to make all the PC heat exhaust go outside.

My pc case is the HAF 922. I was thinking how water cooling would benefit it. But knowing that the heat is exhausted through the res, that heat will probably still heat up my room, but I am not sure.

I just want to know if anyone else knows how to deal with pc heat problems and getting the right cooling solution.

Thanks a lot.
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    Yes. This is easy task.
    You buy this radiator.

    You mount it outside house. Drill couple holes wall.
    Then you need good pump and water blocks cpu + gpu and res. And couple fans just to make sure you get enough cooling for your system.
    Then you need fittings and tube. Then you fill system and you room is never hot again.
  2. The problem isn´t really the cooling it´s how much heat all your components produce.
    And that doesn´t change. No matter what cooling you use (liquid nitrogen and stuff like that excluded), that heat is always there and will heat up your room.

    EDIT: I was thinking about saying something like AxlFone did but he beat me to it. ;)
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