Intel 530 vs Corsair Neutron GTX vs Samsung 840 Pro

Hi, I'm looking to buy a new SSD and as the title suggests, i'm trying to decide between these 3. I've looked at the specs of each one but have come no closer to making a decision since when you actually run benchmarks, the manufacturers specs become useless. It also doesn't help that the spec pages of each one make it very difficult to compare e.g. apple with apple specific speeds as each manufacturer seems to have their own idea on what is worth putting in a spec page.

So I was wondering what people thought about these 3 and your opinions on them.


Edit: Forgot to mention that i'm interested in the 240/256GB sizes (apparently size effects SSD performance).
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  1. Have you tried the tomshardware ssd charts to help you decide? Realistically I doubt you would find any NOTICEEABLE difference in performance with day to day use.
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