Odd virus. I can't open any programs and the sytem does not boot for me to install windows.

Only a few programs like Mozilla and VLC media player, opens, all other programs do not work, I get the DrWatson Postmortem Debugger error report pretty often, like every 10 minutes. I cannot format my hard drive and install a fresh copy of windows as it says that i can not boot the system. How do i fix this?
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  1. I suggest downloading malwarebytes from

    You may have to download it on another computer and use a flash drive to put it on your computer install it then run a scan. should help let me know if you have troubles.
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    If you can't boot you should try a boot CD. i've used this one and it's pretty damn good for sorting out boot issues let alone viruses there's a lot of tools and will often let you install anti-V to scan as well. Select the 'Mini XP' As you can tell it's pretty much just a cut down version of windows xp.

    Or a simple way just boot into safe-mode and, like the other chap said install malwarebytes and scan your pc! Should get rid of everything. Use This uninstaller.

    At the bottom download the portable version and put it on a memory stick and put it on your infected pc. Run it, then once open select hunter mode (i think it's a little radar) a little icon will appear on the pc. Click and drag it to the pop up which comes up. Then it'll search for files and uninstallers for it. Helps me get rid of popups andmalware on my pc so i hope this helps you!
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