Palit GeForce Gt 520 1024MB: Triple displays?!

I've purchased the Palit GeForce GT520 to use with three externals monitors, I've read plenty of reviews saying that the card support up to 4 displays...

Now, I've just installed the graphic card; when I go to "Set up multiple displays" it says this GPU support up to two monitors...

Here's the specs (1VGA,1HDMI and 1DVI)

Thanks for your help!
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  1. If you want to run three Monitors off of one 500 series GPU you have to use a dvi splitter, but that will only duplicate one display. So if you want to duplicate the output of two displays, then use a dvi splitter, and then use HDMI or a vga output to get the other display.

    To get a true third monitor, you will need another discrete palit geforce 520 graphics card in sli. And I think the 550ti was the lowest they went with sli.
    You may be able to use both the integrated graphics and a discrete card to drive three monitors.
    It may depend on the bios or chipset of the motherboard.

    You can use two of the same discrete graphics cards to drive 3 or 4 monitors.
    There are some cards that will drive three monitors with just one card.

    Though using two cards results in more heat and more power used.

    You can use two $50 discrete graphics cards to drive 3 or 4 monitors.
    There are some cards that will drive three monitors, but they will be expensive high end cards.

    Normally this card must support three separate monitors.

    Now, probably that I've made the wrong purchase because my card is a "Palit GeForce GT 520" and the one that the review bellow is "Galaxy GeForce GT 520"; are there the same cards?!

    Here's the review:

    "If you want just one card to run three monitors for a low price you can get the Galaxy GeForce MDT GT 520. It is for sale refurbished for only $19.00. I just got one. When I mean I just got one, I mean I just installed it about an hour ago. It seems to be working great. I'm running three screens now. The card is a little unique because it runs up to four monitors out of two ports. It comes with two adapters that allow you to hook up two monitors to each of its ports."
  3. So is it possible that they have different specs?
    Palit GeForce GT 520
    Galaxy GeForce GT 520
  4. No, the Galaxy card also uses a splitter to get extra monitors. Nvidia didn't start adding official support for more than 2 displays on a single card until the GeForce 600 series. That didn't stop some of the board partners from maybe using splitters to get around this limitation, but cards equipped with splitters are by no means common, and that Galaxy card is the first one I've heard of to have splitters to get extra monitors. If you want 3 monitors on one card and insist on sticking with a GT 520, you'll have to either get a DVI splitter, or get a card with a built in splitter. Alternatively, you can look at a 600 series Nvidia card or most AMD cards in that price range, they should support up to 3 displays without the need for splitters.
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