my new computer wont boot up just black screen

So I've built new pc yesterday. The problem is that it won't boot. All fans are spinning,optical drive is bleeping too, though I cannot access it.On monitor it says "no video signal" just black screen after that i've checked everything
PSU: Cougar SL 500W
Case: Cougar ATX Solution
Motherboard: Gigabyte G1.Sniper A88X
CPU: AMD A10 5800K
CPU cooler: stock AMD cooler
GPU: Sapphire HD 7730 GDDR5
RAM: 4GB Kingston DDR3 1333
HDD: Seagate 500GB Hitachi 1TB
Fans:Cougar 6x 120mm & Cougar 1x 140mm
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  2. hey can a faulty memory run can make the computer not to boot just black screen?
  3. Yes it can.
  4. hey after it figured it out it work i finally make the computer working but after playing for 4 hours or 5 hrs my computer shutdown automatically and wont open it again, seems like the cougar SL 500w failed and i smell electric or just the same of a brand new PSU?
  5. It can happen but if it is power problems then it is between the PSU and motherboard. Try the paperclip test on the PSU
  6. oh thanks man but yes it malfunction good thing i bought it early and got for problems early i have to change it to Corsair VS550 so far so good
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