how much boost is g2120 going to give over pentium d 820 2.8ghz

hey i am soon upgrading to g2120 from the pentium d
so how much boost is it going to give me in gaming.....

My screen resolution is only 1280*1024
i have 4 gb ram
and gt 610 and please don't tell me to upgrade GPu cause i have found that my Cpu usage always reaches to 100% when gaming and this causes lag in games
i will play games like skyrim, risen, farcry series crysis at low sttings
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    That CPU is an IVY bridge CPU, compared to the old Smithfield architecture on the Pentium D. You are going to get a significant boost in gaming by switching to the Pentium G2120.
  2. GT610 is not really a gaming GPU so if you want boost from the CPU then r......, don't expect to much just from the CPU in gaming but overall it is a lot better.
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