Which Port to use? HDMI vs Display Port

I am buying the AOC I2369VM 23" Full HD LED IPS Monitor.

It comes with the options of hdmi,DP and VGA. I am obviously not going to choose VGA but which one shall I choose? HDMI or DP? I have a GTX 770 for those who would like ta know.
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  1. I'd use HDMI display port is for higher resolutions.
  2. Doesn't matter, I'd go with whatever cable is cheaper or if the monitor comes with one of the cables you need.
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    If you are running only a single display you can get away with just HDMI. If you plan on doing a multi-monitor set up go for Display Port. Also please read this as it may answer a lot of your questions on this topic. http://
  4. HDMI is fine, since it is 1080p at a 60 Hz refresh rate.
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