Does this graphic card work with my old motherboard?

Hello Tomshardware,

I recently lost my graphic card due to malfunctioning, and found I had to purchase a new one.
So I brought a new Zotec geForce gtx 670, but Im now worried about whether it will work with my current motherboard or not.
I have a four years old Gigabyte GA EX58 extreme with a intel core i7 920 CPU installed.
Will my new graphic card be compatible with my current motherboard, or do I have to find a new of those as well?

With regards.
- Mikael
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  1. Yes it will.
  2. It should work just fine, as long as the systems power supply can handle it.
  3. yes it is compatible, just make sure your psu is up to the task and you are good to go.
  4. Thanks for the replies on the subject, Im very thankful for that :)

    About the power supply, I'm running with a Corsair 750W TX Atx PSU so I hope its up for the challenge. I believe that 750 W is still enough to cover even new computers of today.
  5. yep a corsair tx series psu is their higher tier psus. it IS more then enough for now and the forseeable future (considering cpus and gpus are using less wattage) then the opposite it was back during the AGP gpu times where more power was king lol.
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