G1.Guerrilla / G.Skill Ripjaws Series 12GB (3 x 4GB) clocking issues

I need help with clocking some memory. I upgraded to 18gb from 6gb and it actually seems slower.

I originally had 6gb (3x 2gb) from G.Skill and i decided to buy the 12gb G.Skill to add to this to bump me to 18gb memory. When i did this the system would get to verifying DRAM and reboot over and over. so i reset the cmos and started over. now on auto it seems to work but i feel like the computer is a little more sluggish than it was and i can't quite figure this out. i feel like i'm missing a setting in the bios, i've never actually gotten in depth with overclocking before.

here's my 3dmark. A friend has a computer that shouldn't be higher than mine but is scoring over a thousand points higher.

Here's the memory i purchased

here's what i had. 3x of this

my mobo

and here's a CPU-Z validation. I can't fit the entire .txt log file here and i'm just posting anything i think might help

I got this too. everything seems right? why is my score so low and does the pc seem like it's slower since i added the 12 gigs?

(it won't let me post pictures even though i've vaildated my account.)
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  1. Mixing multiple RAM kits (Slot 1 : 4096MB (12800) Slot 2 : 2048MB (12800) is not recommended. XMP settings for multiple kits don't get applied uniformly. Your left to experiment with memory timings on your own.
  2. They're the exact same sticks, same cas latency, manufacturer, color, everything. except one is 4g and one is 2g. i've got the three 4g in slots 1, 3, 5, and the 3 2g in slots 2, 4, 6. the timings on them should be the same. that still isn't recommended?
  3. I've taken the original 6gb out and am still running the exact same with just the 12 gig
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