Would overclocking phenom ii x4 965 to 3.8 from 3.5 help bottleneck problem

On cpu intensive games like minecraft and Fallout new vegas my processor really struggles and stutters even though It says i get about 60fps so would overclocking another 0.3ghz sought this problem or at least help

AMD phenom ii x4 965 BE (overclocked to 3.5ghz from 3.4)
8gb gddr3 ram
Nvidia gtx geforce 650 SC 2gb
500gb 7200rpm HHD
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  1. it would help if you overclocked by taking the FSB up instead of using the multiplier. faster FSB will cinrease overall performance... TONS of info out there.

    Yes, it'd be worth it! Even just up to 3.8ghz.

    you'd be even better to upgrade the colling unit and go to 4.2ghz. OR, spend $100 on an FX8320
  2. What is FSB and how do you increase it
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