ASUS Orion or Razer Carcharias headset for Commentary?

My friend is looking to buy a gaming headset with a good built in mic for youtube videos and has decided between the ASUS RoG Orion non Pro, and Razer Carcharias. Id be able to look through reviews and determine but the only reviews i can find for the Orion is for the Pro, so far the only thing that is different from the two is the Pro has the Spitfire Soundcard built in but that can change results so looking for some info of which would be better?
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  1. One option your friend might want to think about is just getting a mic and a decent pair of headphones this would also be cheaper depending on what you get. But between the headsets listed above I would go with ASUS Orion.
  2. Well his initial idea was to do that, but Im pretty sure hes gonna make a few videos and eventually give up and then sits a unused mic lol So convinced him to go with a decent headset instead as he would have a use for it if he does stop making videos.
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    The only reason why i would recommend just getting a mic and some headphones is because I have had quite a few problems with headsets in the past. Also you can get mic's for pretty cheap on amazon. Also if he stops doing youtube videos he would still be able to use the headphones. But between the two headsets listed you cant really go wrong with Asus.
  4. I kind of guessed that especially with the RoG branding lol. The mic on the Carcharias is not that bad for recording found out my other friend has them and sounds pretty clear but ill just tell my friend to pick one lol
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