Will This Setup Work?

Hey everyone Ive been researching how to setup my own desktop for a little over a week now and I have got a setup. Im pretty sure it will work but I want to be completely sure before I do anything. Heres what I have.

ASRock Z77M MotherBoard link:

Western Digital Hard Drive 500 gb link:

RAM link:

Intel i3-3240 CPU link:

Samsung CD Drive link:

Graphics Card link:

Power Supply Link:

Case Link:

Also, Im not sure if the case needs a cooling system if you could tell me about what I need to look for at least if not give me a link to an actual product that would be great. Thanks.
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  1. Too bad you can't afford a i5 to honor the rest of the components.
  2. how much is the i5 cpu?
  3. Looks good, it should all work together well.
    You shouldn't need any extra cooling, the case seems to come with fans and the stock CPU cooler will be enough for your setup.
  4. For $130 you should be able to get a gtx650ti BOOST which us better than the 7790.

    If this is for gaming, I suggest getting an fx-6300 and an am3+ board because many new games use 4 cores.
  5. Ok it seems like a much better graphics card thanks a lot everyone also tiny voices what website do you use to get it for $130?
  6. Best answer
    actually get this: IT is a 7850 and is even better than the 650ti BOOST.
  7. ok thanks a lot everyone
  8. Always glad to be able to help!
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