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Intel core i7 4770k vs 3930k vs 4930k?

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October 4, 2013 3:00:32 PM

So I am going to be building a PC soon and had a few questions regarding the 1150 and 2011 socket. First off, I do a good amount of gaming and moderate video editing. (Recording and video editing for YouTube) I also mess around with photoshop and Cinema 4D from time to time. I was originally looking at the 4770k due to its overclocking headroom, performance, and lower power consumption. Now as I was looking on the forums for fun, I was starting to think about the 2011 socket processors. For the 2011 socket processors, I was looking at the i7 3930k (Sandy Bridge-E) and i7 4930k. (Newer Ivy Bride-E) I am aware the 3930k and 4930k do better on video editing for its six cores. What I am asking is it worth the extra money for better performance on video editing? Also, how much better/worse performance would I get on gaming? (Using EVGA 780 w/ dual ASUS 23" monitors)

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October 4, 2013 3:09:56 PM

for stuff like video definitely is worth the money spent. but then it also comes down to the fact, how much of video editing and photoshop do u use?

gaming on the other hand wont make much of a differences, at least nothing practical.

but then you get all the other goodies like more expandability in pci-e lanes, ram etc. in the 2011 socket that you wont get on the main stream 1150.

but do remember, all these will matter only if u use editing stuff a lot.

regards :) 
October 24, 2013 8:50:58 AM

I am in the same boat, about to build a machine and deciding on which system to build. I have a little different needs and questions:

Needs: Mostly software development, often running one or more VM's, some video editing and photo editing, from time to time gaming. My current system is a Core i7 920 (LGA 1366), so I am a bit spoiled.

Q1: From what I understand the Haswell (LGA 1150) is much newer then the Ivy Bride-E, does the newer Haswell superseded the older Ivy Bride-E in overall performance?

Q2: I am still a bit impressed that my 4 1/2 year old Core i7 920 still is not the least bit sluggish (need to upgrade for development reasons). I am assuming that the Ivy Bride-E will give me the same type of longevity, would the Haswell?

Q3: It is my impression that firing up multiple VM's (to test the software I develop which is client/server) will run faster on the Ivy Bride-E because of the nature of the how it is architected. Is this correct?

Q4: What other questions should I be asking?