Will a 7950 Graphics card fit in this Motherboard?

So I'm trying to research this for a friend. He has a MSI 760GM-P34 (FX) Mother board. He's looking to upgrade his Geforce Gt 610 card to a Radeon 7950. I would just like to know if the card will fit in this motherboard. Here are the links.


All help is appreciated! Thanks.
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    Sure it'll fit in the motherboard - any pci-express video card will fit in a pci-express x16 slot. Fitting in the case is what you should be concerned with. What case does your friend have? Also, what psu?
  2. Here's the case:

    He has a 500w powersupply.
    He originally bought this from cyberpower so this is his first upgrade.
  3. Okay, based on the red version of that case listed at Newegg (, which should be the same dimensions, the case should be able to take a 12 inch video card, and the one you were looking at is only 10.43 inches, so no problem there.

    To tell whether the power supply is safe to use with that video card, I need the make and model. Just knowing the wattage isn't enough. If it's in tier 4 or 5 of this list:
    it should be replaced.
  4. It's a corsair cx500. So it's a tier 3.
  5. Yes, with 38 amps on the +12V rail, which will be plenty for a 7950.
  6. Thanks a ton dude!
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