can i use higher RAM mhz for sabertooth z77 mobo?

I have a z77 sabertooth mobo from ASUS and it says it can go up to 1866mhz, but I don't see any 2133 (OC) or any higher specifications. Does that mean my board can only handle 1866mhz and anything higher will not work?
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  1. That board is able to run higher speed memory but it HAS to be on this list

    or else you can risk having unstable RAM or the RAM might just not work.
  2. I would also have to go in the BIOS and set it to that higher speed correct?
  3. Yes, usually when you buy RAM that is supposed to run at say 2133MHz it will be auto-underclocked to 1333MHz by the motherboard but in the BIOS you can bump the speed back up to were it is supposed to be.
  4. Awesome, thanks a lot!
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    No problem, don't forget to pick the solution :)
  6. LOL, picked the wrong one. The SOLUTION is the answer above my comment "Awesome, thanks a lot!"
  7. Haha no problem :)
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