Power supply gone bad?

Hi all,

I have come to the conclusion that my PSU might be dieing. Idk why but it was after I went on a 4 day trip it started acting up ( btw I unplug my PSU and monitor from the wall outlet when I go on trips and such).

It shuts off when I first turn on my pc like 8 seconds into the booting process ( startup boot diagnostics enabled ) and it shuts off right after it's done scanning my HDDs. When I turn it on the second time it boots successfully past the bios and such, but then it comes to the dual boot screen ( windows 7 and windows XP dual boot ) If I click right away on windows 7 it shuts off ( and comes up with a windows startup error ) BUT if I wait like 10 seconds before selecting windows 7 it starts up successfully. Lol what is this? But once I get past the dual boot screen then my PC starts up successfully. And when I look into Windows event viewer It keeps saying shut down and start up degradation and such idk...

You can skip this next stuff here V V V V

My story of the bad psu

The Power supply I currently have in it is a very very VERY cheap power supply. It's that 480w psu from logsis that is for like $20 on amazon ( has like 800 reviews from owners, all of witch 7/8 of the 800 reviews claim to have it fail, damage or destroy their computer ). The reason why I have a wimpy psu is because of this guy at a PC shop put in this wimpy psu in when I had it under maintenance from them. He comes to tell me that it was the psu, and he charged my $40 bucks for that psu! I was curious what kind of power supply it was, I popped open my case and googled the power supply, found out that it was probably one of the worst PSUs you could possibly find! Lol I have been putting my pc at SERIOUS risk because of a careless PC repair guy!

Don't skip this stuff here V V V V

So I bought a new psu for 90 bucks ( $90 ) called the Rosewill CAPSTONE 650w ( non-modular ).
From newegg. Hopefully it will work with my system ( 2 reviews said that it would kinda work for my system, oh, did I forgot to mention that my system was built in 2008? Of course I did :D my computers specs would be at the bottom of this post so is the power supplies link to the product ).

Oh ok, it's the bottom of the page now :) so here's my PC specs and the power supply.

My pc Specs:

Motherboard: Nettle2

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 5600+ 2.8GHz Windsor

Ram: 4 GB of DDR2 SDRAM ( Max 8 GB )

Graphics card: Radeon HD 7750

OS: Windows 7 home 64bit ( default ) and windows XP 32 bit

Psu: that 480w

HDD: I have one 360gb HDD and one 120gb hdd

12 fans in my case (lol)

New PSU:


Any ways thanks in advance :D,

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    See if the new PSU works, also check the time date on the system, shut down and unplug from electric for an a hour or so, then check time and date - from 2008 maight at least in part be a dying CMOS battery
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    See if the new PSU works, also check the time date on the system, shut down and unplug from electric for an a hour or so, then check time and date - from 2008 maight at least in part be a dying CMOS battery

    Thanks for the reply!

    Yeah that's true, I will try that next, but even if it is a dying CMOS battery, still gunna keep the PSU ;)

    Life is funny, full of mysteries :D
  3. Isn't that the truth, drop me an update ;)
  4. Ok so I just unplugged my pc and the monitor, so I'll let you know when the hour is up and how it turns out. ;)
  5. Should be around
  6. Tradesman1 said:
    Should be around

    Ok, well 20 minutes to go ;D
  7. Ok it's been an hour, I'm going to go ahead and plug it in and stuff.
  8. Okay well same results and when I went to check the time it shut off before I was able to go into bios. I will enable "turn on after AC power failure" to see if it's a power failure.
  9. Ok we'll thanks for the help, I'm going to mess around with this tomorrow. Let's hope it's the PSU. By the way, can you guarantee that the new PSU I bought will work?

  10. Ok so thanks for the help, I Guss I figured It out, it was very cold ( like 50 degrees F inside ) when I been testing it out so that's what was causing it to shut off. Unlike today witch was warmer ( 70 degrees F inside ) it started up successfully without errors, in fact it think it even booted up 25% faster then normal LOL. But all in all, good thang "we" found out what was wrong. Btw I will select your first post as the answer since your post is what led me to find out the problem.

    Thanks, and have a good one,

  11. You too, glad it's things are better
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