USB Boots not working for installing win 7 on lenovo G400S

Hello all,

Im having a problem here, please help me :D

I have an asus laptop with no OS on it, and when its very easy to install windows 7 on it. I just need to set the boot priority to DVD, and its done.

HOWEVER, i just bought lenovo G400S with no OS. When i access the BIOS, theres only this option :

Booot Mode : Legacy Support
Boot Priority : UEFI First
USB Boot : Enabled

Theres no option to boot from DVD. So, i tried to make a bootable USB using Windows 7 usb download tool.

Things should be working now since USB boot option is ENABLED, but its not.

My USB still not recognized so it keeps entering the FreeDOS.

I have tried to format my USB to FAT32 and NTFS, and its both not working.

Do i miss something here?

PLEASE KINDLY HELP ME ASAP...i really need this thing done today.

Thanks very much for your time :D
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    So, unlike Asus, i need to press fn + f12 so the boot options will be shown, and i just need to pick the USB.

    Thanks :D
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    turn off uefi set it to legacy or usb. right now the system is booting of efi devices first.
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