is there a free win7 driver download for a acer X241W monitor?

hooked up this monitor to a Dell Dimension 9150 and it takes several tries before the monitor will stay on.
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  1. Monitors don't have drivers.

    Your problem might be:
    1) Monitor
    2) Graphics card/chip
    3) Software (drivers or other).

    If a DIFFERENT monitor connects fine then the Acer monitor has power issues. Probably a capacitor that has issues charging to maintain the ON state.

    Since there's no good reason to turn the monitor off, leave it on always. It will go into a standby mode either automatically with PC on (Power Settings in Windows) or definitely when you turn off the PC.

    When the computer is in standby mode the power portion consumes a small amount of electricity (probably sub 1W) but it avoids incurring the damage over time that repeatedly turning on the monitor causes.
  2. after you hooked the monitor up did it ask to install drivers? was there a cd inculded?
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    I think I called it. When I google that monitor I see several references to REPAIRING the defective capacitors:

    One of the things in the list of reasons is "slow start".
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