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I looked on another forum on something about how ram makes a difference and he said it makes things load quicker, multitasking is smoother (thank god), and you may be able to increase graphical detail levels without decreasing fps/performance very much.

Is this true? I was thinking of getting 16 gb of ram if this was the case.
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  1. Obviously more RAM is better but 16GB i find it TOO much. 8GB is more than enough. Except if you are doing video editing while playing Crysis...
  2. I want to be able to play BF4 Maxed out or atleast medium-high settings (and also bf3 maxed out) and would love to record :)
  3. Also that didnt answer my question at all. What im asking is what ram has as an effect on the computer.
  4. This is the ram I was going to get (it's the best quality ram I believe.)
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    Yes DRAM can greatly affect your rig, in gaming itself, maybe a little (as far as FPS go), but in other areas you can see greater gains performance wise, i.e in multi-tasking, using memory centic apps, like imaging, video work, CAD, GIS, and anything using large data sets, even browsing the net, all the writes that currently go to your page file can be reduced to basically nil, many people even get rid of their page file entirely, though I recommend kepping at least a minimal one as there are apps than require one.

    If looking for performance and wanting to save some money also, Look at the GSkill Ripjaws in 1866 with a tighter CL of 8 compared to the set you saw, will get better performance and save $50. Am sure you would be pleased, the Corsairs are overpriced, don't OC very well and are basically just regular 1866 stick, the RJs are high performance and easily OC if you would be so inclined
  6. Thanks!
  7. No problemo, let us know how it goes, how you like it ;)
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