What motherboard should i take??

hello,i want to upgrade my computer with new graphic card from AMD manufacter(R9 280X) and ofc i want to upgrade my processor too to Intel Core i7 3770 3.4Ghz Cache 8MB Socket LGA 1155,And my RAM to 8GB and PSU 600-700 watt.My question is what motherboard should i take?i am really confuse with it,because so many motherboard out there.My motherboard budget is 100-150$.I am really need ur help.Thanks for the expert :)
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  2. ow O.o i see,ok thank you very much sir ^^.Is that motherboard good for gaming?ok i trust in you :D
    Btw ,the computer shop that I want upgrade there doesn't have p8z77 v le.but they have p8h77 M le.what's the diffrence?the price is same
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