Advice and Suggestions needed on new gaming build

So, this is what I have come up with so far for a Crysis 3, Far Cry 3 and any future gaming build.

Are there components that are comparable in performance but may be a little cheaper that what I have in the link? Like, is there a single gpu that performs as good as the two GTX 770's for the same price or less? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    You are showing a pair of 770's, have you thought about a 780 now and then possible a second a little down the road after the next gen of nVidia hits the market, and is their a real need for the Maximus Extreme? could save $175 by going with the Maximus Hero...Love my Hero and it runs all I throw at it (a lot), these are just thought's it's a great looking rig, though I think I'd take the PSU up a notch

    for $6 more you can get their (Seasonic) 1050
  2. Thanks for the reply Tradesman,

    Yes, I have thought about the 780 now and another later, but in the stickied High end intel gaming build thread, it seems like most builds had two 770's. I have even thought about saying to heck with the money and getting a 690 now and another in a year or so if needed. Honestly when it comes to building a computer, GPU's are my least knowledgeable area.

    As for the Maximus Extreme, I'm not really married to that either. When I did my first computer build, back when I knew less about it than I do now ( which isn't much), the motherboard I bought was really old tech. A few years later when I wanted to upgrade my cpu and gpu nothing new that was out was compatible. Now I want the best motherboard I can get (within reason) so I can upgrade as much as possible before I have to do another complete re-build. If I can do that with the Maximus Hero, then I will definitely look into that one.
  3. id get this instead

    -there is no practical difference between a i5 and i7 in gaming. if you still want one, be my guest but ti does nothing
    -the h220 performs better by a longshot and can be expanded easily if you want to. its not built like jonk
    -there is no practical difference between motherboards in terms of overclocking. you will be bottlenecked by the CPU before you even come close to being bottlenecked by the motherboard. dont waste your time here
    -you dont need 16gb of ram for gaming and definitely not the most overpriced memory out there. you arent going to overclock these anyways (because you cant) and if you really want LEDs, you can add them yourself
    -there isnt a huge difference between high end and mid range SSDs. i wouldnt spend my money here
    -blue drives are faster
    -for the GPUs, id probably pick up a R9 290x. it will perform better than the 780. 4gb 770s are pointless
    -no need for such a large case. the fractal arc midi r2 does the job just as well for much much cheaper
    -the xfx 750w gold is a seasonic unit, high quality and priced very well
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