witcher2 and gta iv crash on new system

Bought a new pc a couple of months back , and at the start it was dreadful, as almostall my games on it crashed within 5 minutes of play, they would reboot the system, as if I had hit the reset button.

I tested my different parts with my old ones, and came to the conclution that it was the GPU that did it. But just before I was to RMA it, the problems stopped (almost). Al my games exept for Witcher 2 and GTA IV run perfectly now, witch is really weird.

I have played games like Mass effect 1+2 Far Cry 3 to completion

plus exteded playtime in games like Skyrim, Deus EX HR, Crysis, Alan Wake, Torchlight 2, Path of exile, Dota 2, Borderlands 2, Rage and Starcraft 2 without any issues.

But Witcher 2 (that was the game I'm lookin forward to play the most) and GTA IV still have the resetting issue described earlier.

any help or feedback would be appreciated.

Sys specs:

Windows 7 64 home premium

Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge - Box

Kingston HyperX PnP DDR3-1600 DC - 8GB

ASUS GeForce GTX 770 OC - 2 GB GDDR5
XFX ProSeries XXX Edition - 750W PSU
Cooler master HAF 922
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    It could be the power supply, the strange thing is Witcher 2 could be the most demanding game explaining wht its the one with issues but GTA certainly isn't. Try running Prime 95 for half an hour then the GPU test in OCCT then both together to see what happens (while keeping an eye on temps), if there is no crash running them separately but it resets when there running together then its likely the PSU (which should be OK for you PC unless its faulty).
  2. Hi and thanks for the answer!

    Has had a really busy weekend, so no time to reply until now.

    I tested the cpu i prime95 when I bought the machine and no problems. No problems with my old gpu or cpu either, so I have narrowed it down to the GPU.

    The strange thing though is that when i Bought my machine, it would crash in literately every game. Now it is only the two mentioned above, without me doing any obvious changes to setup or drivers anywhere.

    I will however do some more cpu tests and see what happens.

    (haven't tested my old psu as it is a 450w, and I don't thinks it can handle my new components anyway)
  3. Ok. so I did a lot of follow up testing:

    First I tested the GPU through occt v 4.4.0 did 2 30 min tests passing with flying colours.

    I then tested my CPU and RAM in Prime95. did a 45 min test passing again.

    I then tested prima95 AND occt for the GPU at the same time to push my PSU to the limit, and it again passed a 30 min test.

    whenever a games has crashed, it has been within 5-10 minutes, so I figured 30 min tests should be enough.
  4. It doesn't look like its the power supply then or any other obvious hardware problem. Try updating or using an older if its up to date graphics driver.
  5. Did you update drivers, Microsoft framework and Direcx?
    Those are the 2 most common issues in new PCs.
  6. no did nothing, and since yesterday I have clocked in 14 hours in witcher 2 without incident......

    I don't know what to believe any more......
  7. Check the voltage of the power supply in bios.
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