first gaming Pc build how does it look?

Base Total: $748.84
Combo Discounts: -$20.00
Mail-in Rebates: -$50.00
Shipping: $4.99
Total: $683.83
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  1. The link you have provided is for the general assembly site, it is not possible to actually see what hardware you have chosen.
  2. you just linked to a blank page
    you need to copy the link in the permalink box below system build
  3. sorry guys it worked for me
  4. For the money it looks good. There are a few things which could be better.

    1. Instead of 1x1TB 7200RPM drive, you should consider two smaller 10000RPM drives and use RAID0, or get an SSD.

    2. The monitor is 60Hz, which is fine for every day use, but for real gaming you should go for a 120Hz monitor.

    3. The mouse is designed for average use, not gaming of any kind.
  5. Not too bad buy I will just create another list (could be a day?)
  6. I created this but as i did it quickly and I was doing it in dollars not pounds I ended up being $200 over but here it is anyway
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