Question on First Build; Low FPS SLI?

Hey what's up guys, I just recently made my first computer a couple days ago.

i5 3570K (4.4GHz)
16GB RAM (2x8gb 1600 G. Skill)
Hyper212 Evo with SP120 fans in push/pull
2x MSI GTX 760 Twin Frozr SLI

My CPU idles at 25-30c, and 30-35c for GPUs. I've taken a look at Afterburner, looks quite the beast to tackle. My main concern is that I'm getting fairly low FPS in Heaven Benchmark. I'm getting 40-50 fps. I tried OC the GPUs but it would crash my Heaven Benchmark at just only +170 Core Clocks with +1.2v.

I need some serious help.
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  1. What settings are you using to run the Heaven benchmark? ie. resolution,
    AA, AF, etc. Are you using the latest Heaven V4?

  2. I'm using 1920 x 1080 resolution with everything maxed.
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    itsjto said:
    I'm using 1920 x 1080 resolution with everything maxed.

    Do you mean with 8x AA? If so then it sounds about right.

    Can you run a 3DMark11 Performance test? Let me know the
    submission URL? I can compare to my own data and existing
    results, eg.:

    The overall score can be skewed by CPU power, but the Graphics
    score can be compared ok. Or with the same CPU you have:

    What you could do is scroll down the list of 3570K/760 SLI
    submissions, find one with a similar CPU clock to your 4.4,
    see what the detailed Graphics score is.

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