Epson DX7400 printer/scanner/copier won't print newly installed Windows 7

I upgraded my OS from XP to Windows 7 a while ago & now I have installed an old Epson DX7400 printer/scanner/copier. The hardware installed OK & the driver is updated but I can't get anything to print, including a test page. It'll send the document to the printer where it sits there & does nothing. I noticed the icon for the file I want to print is what you get when it can't be identified. Also, I know one of the cartridges is out of ink because the light indicating that is on but I can't access any information about this from the PC.
Under properties on the files I try to print it says processor is winprint & data type NT EMF 1.008.
Does anyone know what the problem is?
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  1. make sure under printers you set the epson as the default printer in windows 7 the default first printer is ms text file saver. update your mb chipset and usb drivers...the newer prints print through a usb print driver port.
  2. Hey thanks. Yeah, first thing I did was make it the default printer. It is printing through the US port too. All my drivers are up to date. I checked that yesterday. I'm not sure what you mean about mb chipset. I'll have to look that up.
  3. OK yeah mb chipset is up to date too.
  4. Never mind. I fixed it. I had to manually install the driver update from their website:
    Thanks anyway!
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