Asus Z87 PRO + Seidon 120v making loud noise

Hi, guys!

I just finished my new build. My PC has a motherboard ASUS Z87 PRO and a water cooler Cooler Master Seidon 120v, but the cooler is making a very loud noise.

On this video on youtube, I found that a voltage lower than +7V makes the cooler loud:

So, I "just" need to change the voltage for the fans on my motherboard (that has +5V as default settings), but I don't find where to do it.

I tried the settings in the BIOS and using the tool "Fan Xpert 2", that comes with the "AI Suit III" in the motherboard disc, but it doesn't have (or I didn't find) a place to change the voltage. It is only possible to change the RPM.

Any ideas?
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  1. Update:
    I changed the settings in the BIOS, CPU_Q from default (to work with 4 pins coolers) to advanced (to work with 3 pins coolers) and the noise dissapeared. However, as soon as the windows starts, the cooler stops.
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