9 FPS using Radeon HD7750 - what's going on?

I've just set up a new PC:
Gigabyte H87M-HD3 Mobo
Intel i5 4570 Haswell CPU
8GB Corsair DDR3 1600MHz
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

With onboard graphics, I'm getting 30fps on GTA4

With the Radeon HD7750, it's about 9fps. Also Windows Aero is jerky. Performance is the same whether onboard graphics is disable in BIOS or not. I have the latest AMD Catalyst drivers (Display driver v13.152)

There seems to be something low-level going on, because when I'm in the BIOS setup, the display updates very slowly, like 2-3 seconds to update the screen when I switch between menus etc. In fact, the BIOS splash screen takes two seconds two appear, scanning in vertically, line-buy-line.

Is there some BIOS option that I need to change? The only relevant setting I can see is an option for which PCI slot is the graphics. (Obviously, it's set to PCIe.)

Any help appreciated!
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  1. check to see that your mb running the newest bios and you downloaded the newest intel chipset drivers. if the pci bus drivers are not updated then devices on the pci bus can act weird. also check to see if any devices are using the same irq as the video card. some micro mb some wifi cards or sound cards can do that.
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