Does all RAM underclock when installed?

Anon posted..."As previous reviews mentioned, it's only 1333, but I was informed that most RAM defaults at 1333 and you have to set it to 1600 in BIOS."

does all RAM do that?
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  1. Its the motherboard that does it not the ram.
  2. ok, do all motherboards under clock the RAM or just non-gaming ones?
  3. basically it all depends on the mobo's. Gaming mobo's would definitely be able to run it and the cheap ones (not all of them) do not support that much of frequency for ram
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    I think just about all retail boards do. Atleast every retail board I have used ram faster than ddr3 1333 has automatically clocked it at 1333.
  5. yes its in the supported list of speeds for the board DDR3-1066/1333/1600/1866/2133
  6. i assume i can change the speed in the BIOS?
  7. Archean_0-1354672 said:
    i assume i can change the speed in the BIOS?

  8. Most all mobos these days default the DRAM to 1066 or 1333, some to 1600..primarily it's because not all CPUs can even run DRAM faster, entry level CPUs that are lockedare pretty much stuck to 1600 and lower....Modern DRAM has a portion of it's SPD programming set aside for optimal 'at boot' timings that the BIOS can pull and use, if it can't use those timings it goes to a default of like 1333 with 10-10-10-30 timings or to that effect....can find the boot spec of the SPD of your DRAM in the SPD tab of CPU-Z in the Max Bandwidth Pane
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