Computer Hard Freezes at random - PSU to blame?

Hi all, new here, recently built a new pc and have been having random hard freezes (complete screen lock with sound loop if sound is playing) when doing either basic things such as browsing the web or playing games it happens at complete random, can go a few days without such a lock up or it can happen 2-4x in a row one after the other.

Specs :

G-skill Riptide 8gb (2x4gb) 1.5v
Amd apu a10-5800k (no overclock)
ATI 6970 (no overclock) (from old build)
ocz 600w stealth extreme 2 (from old build 1years old)

I've checked for loose connections, uninstalled/reinstalled drivers/games and the OS to fix this error. At first I thought i'd gotten a bad cpu or ram but memtests and prime95 all come back fine with over night tests with both single and duel ram sticks and a good long 7-9hrs cpu test.

Temps range from 29-34c idle temps for the cpu and max load is 60c without my side fans on or 52c with the side fans on. GPU idles around 34c-40c and pushs 64-72c max under heavy or prolonged loads.

My old build sucked up more wattage from the cpu (125w phenom) on a full load compared to my new build which is only a 100w tdp but something seems to be causing these random freezes and i'm looking at the psu. Putting my hands over the vent gives out very hot air (or warm air if i put my side case fans on) it never did this with my old build.

So either my new setup uses more power then my old one or my psu is struggling to keep up the volts/amps on the rails? Tempted to get a 700-750w psu either way to replace my old one just incase.
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  1. That Psu has plenty of wattage to run that system. Have you thought about getting a cooler for your Cpu? 74° C is the max temperature for that Cpu( ). I'm thinking that if you are hitting 72° under max load that with a margin of error, it's shutting down. Doesn't explain doing it while browsing though, but it's a start.
  2. I use a arctic cooling freezer 7 pro 2 for the cpu fan, max temps under heavy load are around 60-62c (without my case's side fans on) so still got headroom for it to be overheating. And yeah that's what I thought with the psu being enough to supply the system what it needs being my old setup used more power then this one. So I'm at a loss atm as to why it hard freezes at random points be it just general browsing or playing games.
  3. Take out the video card and just use the onboard video for web browsing for a couple of days, and see if it locks up on ya. What did you upgrade from?
  4. Upgraded from a
    msi 880gm-e41
    phenom 955 4core (was not cpu compatible with the board main reason for new build)
    4gb Ram Corsair
    ati 6970

    Will test it and see how it goes, if it doesn't lock up then its either my gfx card or my psu not supplying the power to it.

    did a quick burn test with furmark and prime95 at the same time temps were as follows :

    Used speedfan and the asus ai smart suite 2 for monitoring both give different volt readings as expected with different software but
    strangely after doing this my asus suite monitor popped a warning saying the 3.3v was at 4.3v which is way above its normal.
  5. Update: Installed a new power supply unit ocz fatality 750w, problem has gone away completely. Took my old one to a friend who's an electrician and he tested it 12v rail was going up to 12.895v and down to 11.2v constantly (tested in a custom test rig he has for pc psu's also and the results were the same mostly) and the 3.3v rail was going upto 4.3v and below 3.243v.

    No hard freezes in over 2 days or any signs of audio loops or the computer wanting to freeze up. So hopefully this has solved the problem and my psu was indeed dying. Luckily I got to it before it decided to go ka-put on me while using it.
  6. Wow, good deal then. I've had good luck with OCZ Psu's myself, and am using that same Psu you just bought. I've had a 500w going on 5 years, my 750, a 520w modular I bought in '06 and a 700w I burned out(my fault completely though).
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