cant get rid of dosearch

i somehow have a virus called dosearch and can't get rid of it
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  1. Try this.

    But you are better to do the reinstall the OS before you save your doc. and files to the CD or DVD. Sometime you hard to remove them.
  2. To remove Do Searches browser hijacker for free you may download a program called AdwCleaner (absolutely no-cost program for malware like Do Searches removal).
    You will scan your PC with it and will get rid of this nasty hijacker.
    Alternatively, you may follow this guide on how to remove this automatically -
    However, don't buy the program recommended there. Simply install it and run. Then click "Tools" and "Reset browser settings". This is what I did when I had this problem with my Firefox... I just used this utility (which was free) and it helped me remove this nasty malware from my PC.
  3. Afterwards, use ccleaner to clean the registry.
  4. hi, i had a similar problem. Although it wasn't dosearches, I followed the steps from this page. I hope it helps you also
  5. After cleaning it out, you might have to reset your browser.
    There is a reset switch in Firefox. Just takes settings back to default.
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