Overclocking an AMD Radeon 7870 XFX. (Need Help)

Hello there!
My name is Floyd and I have bought a ''gaming pc''.
It is not high end, nor low end.
The graphics card is an Amd Radeon HD 7870 XFX and i want to overclock it.
I'd love / appreciate some advice on how to and what programs / software i have to use to do this.
I am aware of any consequences that will take place if i do overclock.
Also, i am not sure wether to do it or not.
I usually play Call of Duty ( won't need overclock ) but also BattleField, and i might buy Battlefield 4 but i am stuttering a bit with the medium / high settings.
I know, Battlefield 4 is still in Beta, but i just want a bit of a boost.

Thank you all, and have a great day!
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    You can use CCC overdrive for overclocking.
    But it is risky. Read this.
    I hope it would help.
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