Windows 8.1 Black Screen.

I made a terrible mistake by trusting Microsoft with the new 8.1 preview version, installed it picking the keep files and apps option. After almost 4 hours of installation i finally got to see my start menu again but there was no mouse cursor nor keyboard support so i left it thinking it mighr be loading something for 15 mins until i got tired and manually restarted my PC.

Now every time i get a black screen right after the welcome screen. Things i have already tried;

- UnPlug all USB ports.
- Run in safe mode(also black screen)
- Startup repair.
- System restore(no points)

Specs for the record

Asus M5A97 R2.0
AMD 7850 2 gb 13.10 beta 2 drivers
AMD FX 8350
8 gb of rams
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  1. Reinstall and wait for the full release.
  2. Seems like the only solution, but i have nothing to blame but myself for installing this shit, if i reset/refresh from a windows 8 disc will it work even if i have 8.1 installed?
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