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Sorry for my poorly worded title. I have a shelf in my house where most of my wifi and phone electronic house are. I noticed that it will probably get really hot in there. I'm not really good in cooling so I'm asking if anyone knows a good cooling system or fans for that? Here are some pictures:

We will never close that shelf.
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    try putting the hot running copentens on this
  2. As long as it's not to hot in your place then it should be fine as is. Everything is spaced out pretty nicely. Although personally I would think of moving the NAS, Modem, what looks to be internet phone box and power strip to the lower part of the shelf. Use a hole saw route the ethernet and power cables to the phone and wireless router on the shelf where they are at now. Prolly wouldn't make a difference temp wise but would look much nicer. Especially since you plan on leaving that open.
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