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Hello guys, I have just downgraded from windows 8 to windows 7 64bit .. it was a fresh install! I have 3Gb of RAM .. but task manager says that more than 800MB of memory is used while NOTHING is runnnig ! I had windows 7 installed before and it would only take around 100->200mb ! when i go to DXDIAG, I sse that it's the exact amount of "page file" is being used of ram ... :( before formating .. i would run Chrome and it would only take a max of 500Megs ,, but now it's taking 1.2Gb !! Please help!
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  1. have you clicjed show all processes in task manager
  2. Thnx for replying ! Yes I did .. no process is using unusual amounts of Memory !
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    open resource monitor and list the processes that are using the most ram (resource monitor is basicly a more advanced version of task manager
  4. Okay, It says that "explorer.exe" is using 153mb and "svchost" is using 107mb .. and chrome is using 300mb ... those r the ones using biggest amount of memory.. everything else is using less than 20mb but that's faaaar from 1.2gb ....
  5. Was the Windows 7 you had installed before 32 bit? I always install 32 bit Windows 7 if I know I'll never have more than 3GB on that system because 64 bit Windows 7 itself uses more ram
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