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I just finished building a custom audio PC on Thursday and decided to hook it up to the internet (wired) today to get update drivers for my software and hardware piece in my studio. When I plug the ethernet cable into the back of the computer the lights come on on the ethernet plug but it says it can't connect to the internet. I am running windows 8 as the OS and the mobo is a gigabyte z87-ud3h. Did I forget to buy something else to get on the internet?
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  1. The onboard internet circuitry may not be enabled yet. Have you loaded all the drivers that came with your motherboard?
  2. animal said:
    The onboard internet circuitry may not be enabled yet. Have you loaded all the drivers that came with your motherboard?

    I just installed the motherboard disc to install everything. I never used the install disc when setting up the computer the other day.
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  4. Emerald said:

    It says they aren't installed. I'm installing the driver disc that came with the motherboard now. However, it keeps trying to connect to the internet using a mini port but won't work.
  5. The chipset drivers are installing now. I figured they did all this when the motherboard went back to gigabyte for repair cause it was DOA. I'm new to this so learning as I go along with it.
  6. assuming your ethernet cable is plugged into a modem somewhere? nope.

    ok, lets troubleshoot this. hit the windows key and type device manager, see if anything is showing up with a yellow ? next to it. check if your network adapters list anything. if you don't have network adapters and you have yellow ? then its likely your network adapter doesn't have it's driver installed. get the disk that the motherboard came with and make sure you install all drivers on it. If that doesn't fix your problem, you'll need to get another machine with net access and download the latest drivers from gigabyte for that motherboard. while on the gigabyte webpage i suggest you download a bios update as well.

    if after updating the bios and drivers you still can't get net, but other devices CAN get net, from that cable and modem, i would suggest you contact gigabyte about a faulty motherboard and get it swapped out.
  7. Thanks for the help everyone! I actually got it fixed now using the link emerald provided for me to get the drivers from intel. I am typing this using the new build as we speak thanks again everyone!
  8. congratz!
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