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This is my first post here. I am trying to build my first computer and I am at the very beginning phase: deciding what parts to buy. I primarly go on facebook and youtube, but I would also like to be able to run one or two VMs. I want a 64-bit machine. I am already leaning toward an AMD 8-core. I found four of them that all seem similar except for the clock speed. I am trying to decide which speed I need. I know nothing about processors orther than the number of cores and clock speed so I am including the links which contain all the details. I was hoping somebody could tell me which of these four was best for what I want. I know that the first two are identical except for their speed. Any input would be appreciated
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  1. Get an intel i5.
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    you linked the same cpu twice (the 8320).

    basically there is a lot of difference between the 8150 and the other two. the 8150 is an older cpu with worse architecture. You'd be better off trying to decide between the 8320 and the 8350. The difference between them is that the 8350 chip is a higher quality one so they clocked it higher. the 8320 is a great chip as well mind you and can overclock well. If you aren't interested in overclocking then obviously the 8350 would perform better. Both will work fine for what you want so the choice is yours on if you want to spend 40.00 more on a faster chip.
  3. Almost any of the new 4-cores and up will handle what you listed.

    Are you gaming? What are you doing in the two VM environments?
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