How long with this build last me & how long will it be before it stops getting good frame rates

Hi, I just wanted to know how long this build would last...
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  1. well, battlefield 4 is just about ok with this rig, next year games are going to drop below 50, so dont expect to play at high game settings in the next year.
  2. your cpu is very good
    your gpu is very very good
    your motherboard good
    you will be good for 2 years approx...
    the next new games will ask for more memory (gpu) so in one or two years , just add anoter gtx 780 in sli mode
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    The cpu is a bit of a overkill. The video card is pretty high-end (one of the fastest). It will easily last 3-5 years, no issues at all. I have a I5 4570 and a older ATI 5830 video card and can run many games at the highest settings. (the video card is over 3 years old now).. It will probably get updated in a year or two. My older cpu lasted 5 years before i replaced it.
    Your system will be pretty good. Just look at the benchmarks around the internet for the video card/cpu you have chosen.
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