2x GTX 260 vs 1x GTX 760

Hi everyone,

This is probably a stupid question but would I see improvements if I went from 2x GTX 260 to a single GTX 760? I tried to compare these two online and it seemed like maybe one could say the GTX 760 is about twice as powerful as the GTX 260 (is that right??), which makes me worried going from 2 GTX 260 to 1 GTX 760 would not really help me at all. I'd love to get 2x GTX 760 which would surely be awesome, but of course that would cost more. :)

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  1. first off your going to use less power with one newer card then two older cards.the older cards run very hot,the newer gpu run very cool. with the newer gpu the gpu can do more per clock cycle then the older cards. the newer cards can do directx 10 where the old cards can only do dirx9 so your going to get more eye candy and speed from the newer game engines.
  2. At the very least you will get direct x 11 support. Especially with the newer generation consoles now Direct x 11 capable developers will have more incentive to really code for it. Since sli never scales perfectly you should see a improvement across the board in terms of performance as well.
  3. You will do better with 1 GTX 760.
  4. Your cards only support DX10 which means that they don't support every game out there. Only 99%.

    And now for the speed improvements.
    GTX 260 = HD 4870.
    GTX 260 SLI (2x GTX 260) = HD 4870 X2.
    HD 4870 X2 = HD 5870.

    The cards compared above only represent games which scale well with multiple cards.

    The HD 5870 is faster than the GTX 650 Ti and slower than the GTX 650 Ti Boost.
    So, performance gained will be at least 50%.

    Then there's also the reduction in heat output, power consumption and noise.
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    The two 260's couldn't even touch the 760. As others have mentioned the problem is that the 260 is so old that it doesn't even support DX11.

    Look at it in terms of sheer processing power, the 760 can still crush the two 260's.

    "Better floating-point performance 2,258 GFLOPS vs 604.8 GFLOPS Around 3.8x better floating-point performance"

    So, two GTX 260's would give you 1200 gflops vs the 760's 2200 gflops. It's a slaughter.
  6. You will see a massive difference in performance going with a 760
  7. the 760 for sure. the 260 doesnt even support dx11, which new games are beginning to require to actually run at all.
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