When did HP change so you can't replace motherboard and cpu with non-HP brand?

I have HP Pavilion with new HP harddrive and HP Win7 OS. Got new motherboard and CPU from newegg after HP said it would work. Well, it doesn't work. Now HP is saying the motherboard is not tattooed to interface with harddrive. Arghhh... They have no way to assist either, so now I have to buy a new retail copy of OS and leave HP in the dust. Before I do that, any thoughts, suggestions, ideas that will help me tattoo the motherboard or make the 2 devices compatible? Thank you!
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    OEM windows is "married" (tattoed) to the OEM motherboard. If you change the motherboard to other than a direct OEM replacement from HP, you have to buy a new copy of windows. All of your other equipment will work with the new m/b, including your old harddrive, except you will have to perform a clean install of your new copy before any of your system components will be recognized.

    If you have a secondary hdd, backup your data and any other important info to that, then remove the old m/b, put in the new, connect ONLY the hdd you wish to install the new windows on and the dvd drive, boot to dvd and instruct windows to format and install the drive.

    This "tattoo" is standard on all OEM pc's, not just HP.

  2. Hi, Mark. Thanks for the reply. So it's my understanding I have to buy a copy of retail Win7, is that right? Thanks again!
  3. If you are going to change the motherboard, you will need a new copy of windows.

    You can purchase either another OEM version of windows, which will then be married to your new m/b (you become HP in effect as the "builder/seller") or you can purchase a retail version which can be installed on multiple pc's PROVIDED it is installed on not more than one at any time.

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