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I recently purchased a gaming pc but the gpu sucks, i have to run all games on lowest settings possible, i want a 3 monitor setup for gaming, but i dont have alot of money, which would be better for me? nvidia surround or eyefinity? and what card? im using 3 19" lcd 720p monitors.
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  1. I would go for a AMD card with out a doubt. Nvidia's Surround still has problems with desktop Surround that they do not seem to want/can't fix and the problems still exist in the latest beta drivers and are even worse in Windows 8. None of these exist in AMD's drivers and never did. I have two rigs with Eyefinity and one with Surround if I had known then I would have got AMD cards for my i5 rig. But after spending the money for two GTX 670's it was a bit late.
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