Trouble overclocking HP H8-1214 with AMD Catalyst Control Center

Before you laugh, yes, I know that an HP Pavilion motherboard isn't ideal for overclocking. But here's a little bit of background info:

My old computer kicked the bucket (and no, I didn't overclock it :P) and my friend was nice enough to sell me his old one for cheap and on a payment plan, which is awesome because there's no way I could afford a new computer for quite some time. Here's the specs:

CPU: AMD FX 6100 3.30 GHz
Motherboard: HP H8-1214
Memory: 10gb DDR3-1600 (4x4x2)
Video card: AMD Radeon 7870 Sapphire
PSU: Seasonic 660w Platinum Plus

The AMD Catalyst Control Center has options for overclocking the GPU and CPU. I'm overclocking the GPU successfully, but when I run the Auto-Tune feature for the CPU and then try to set the overclock, my graphics performance becomes absolutely horrible (like...single digit FPS, and even videos in Windows Media Player are horribly choppy). It's not a result of the GPU overclock though, as the graphics performance is fine with the GPU overclocked and the CPU overclock disabled, and the graphics performance is still awful with the GPU overclock disabled but the CPU overclock enabled. Another interesting thing to note is that as soon as I enable the CPU overclock, my taskbar immediately changes colors to a lighter color (I believe this might be disabling the Windows Aero extension?) that doesn't match up with my desktop background like it normally does, so it seems that the performance immediately gets affected, not just when I start playing a game. I have these same results no matter what I set the overclock to (even 3.4 GHz, even though the Auto Tune successfully tests up to 4.3 GHz).

I know that the best way to overclock is through the BIOS, but unfortunately this HP motherboard has a really elementary BIOS which doesn't allow for changing much more than the boot order. Ordinarily I wouldn't be so hung up on trying to overclock this thing (although I would like a bit better performance in my CPU-heavy flight sims), BUT my friend did say he was able to do it successfully using the AMD Catalyst Control Center with no hiccups. However, when I got the computer from him, I formatted and reinstalled Windows 7 from scratch (he had Windows 8).

Does anyone have any ideas on what the issue is? The hardware is the same as when he had it and successfully overclocked, and the only big difference is that he had Windows 8 and I have 7...but I don't see why that would matter much. I've tried reinstalling the latest (non-beta) drivers from AMD but I still have the same issues.
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  1. Don't even bother wasting your time trying to overclock your CPU on a HP motherboard, ESPECIALLY if you're trying to use auto-overclocks.

    Also, take that 2GB stick of RAM out. RAM should be installed in pairs so it uses dual channel. 10GB single-channel RAM is worse than 8GB dual-channel.
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