Choosing between 1 7970 ghz, 1 gtx 770, 1 gtx 780 or 2 7970s

Hi there,
Building a new computer and I have about a $600 budget for the graphics card.
My original selection was going to be the r9 290x but with the price rumoured in excess of $700 it puts it out of my price range. The 780 is a stretch for $650 and I was looking at purchasing 2 radeon sapphire 7970s as they go for $300 a piece, combined with being able to choose 6 games under the never settle forever bundle made it look really enticing, my other choice was of course to go for a 770 or a 7970 ghz. I game on a single 1080p monitor but perhaps sometime in the future I may look to go a triple monitor but not for a while. I have heard that a single 7970 can satisfy my needs it was just with all the new games coming out I was a little concerned and the extra 3 games to me almost justifies it by itself. Which one do you think I should go for and are there any problems with going crossfire? Is the performance gain substantial?
Thanks for any help you are able to provide
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  1. I would go with the 2 7970's crossfire any day.

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    In my opinion if you are gaming on a single 1080 monitor right now the best cards for you is the 770 or the 7970.
    If you plan to go multi gpu in the future the 770 would be the best choice in SLI over the 7970 xfire due to the framerate issues.
    A single card right now is all you need, anything more than that would be overkill.
    The 7970 is great bang for buck and will serve you really well, but the 770 will be better if you choose to add another card in the future.
  3. That was my biggest concern with dual 7970s, are the microstutter issues not resolved yet? Just from seeing cards like the 780 only managing to hold a 30-40 fps in rome 2 got me a little concerned with only having a single 7970?
  4. If you are playing on a single monitor then yes, Crossfire is fixed and if you went with dual HD 7970's you would be able to play with all the eye candy maxed out.
  5. Gigabyte R9 280X or Asus R9 280x at 299$ will be a better deal. See the below review,

    In the video, last look at the last 2 benchmark scores for the gigabyte card.
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