SD Card Won't Format

I recently bought an 4gb sandisk ultra sd card for my Kodak easyshare Z612 camera, I've been trying to use it ever since but I cant. it say I must format the card first but it doesn't format.. when I format the card using a pc it does format. what seems to be the problem with this card...?
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    What happens when you try to format it in the camera?

    Nothing! It just keeps telling me the card needs formatting so I hit continue then it says formatting this card will delete everything on it and I hit continue and it just takes me back to where it says this card needs to be formatted?!
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    Card may not be compatible with the camera for some reason, maybe it's over the max size the camera can read properly. I don't see a max card size in the documentation for the camera though, maybe try a 2gb card.
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