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Cannot connect xbox 360 controller to windows 8 pc

I'm having issues connecting my Xbox 360 controller to my Windows 8 PC. I've done several searches and have been unable to find a solution. When I plug my controller in via USB it starts flashing. My device manager shows 'Xbox 360 Wireless Controller via Play and Charge Kit.' I have tried downloading Windows 7 64 bit (and even Windows XP 64 bit) drivers which I run in compatibility mode. Despite recognizing the device in device manager and having the drivers downloaded, my PC still will not recognize the controller which just keeps flashing. No devices show up with I run 'joy.cpl' as well.

I've noticed a few other unresolved posts with similar issues but I'm pretty frustrated at this point and seem to have run out of options.

Thanks in advance!
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    It sucks to say that you have to have a legitimate wired 360 controller to use it in Windows. If it's a wireless controller connected via a play and charge cord, all you can do is recharge the controller. No way around it. Sorry :/
  2. Correct. Charge cable doesn't let you use it on a PC.
  3. All above correct.

    My wireless controller is in a box after the USB receiver died. I discovered I could only buy knock-off receivers or the complete controller again. Since the official USB receiver is known to fail easily I didn't want to do buy another set.

    I opted to buy a $40 WIRED version and avoid the hassle of recharging the batteries every few days.

    *I am however buying the XBOX ONE wireless version in 2014 once it's for sale.
  4. Thanks everyone for the responses! Very unfortunate to hear you can't use the controller via a play and charge cord. I think my first option is to try a generic wireless reciever. A legitimate wired controller doesn't seem worth it with 2014 right around the corner.

    Thanks again everyone!
  5. IDK. I just bought another one today....
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