Motherboard drivers only support Win7/Win8 but want to install WinXP on my system - How? (No virtual machine, too slow!)

Hi all. I have a few games that perform better on WinXP than Win7. Compatibility mode WinXP/Run as admin, none of that made any difference. There are also some games which outright don't work, or at least natively, on Win7 like Command & Conquer Generals/Zero Hour. I've already tried using XP mode using Windows Virtual PC. Installed Generals fine but when I click to play it, I get an "insert DVD" error :ange:. I also tried using VMWare and installed a WinXP virtual machine. It works, yes, but performance is horribly slow. I already gave the virtual machine 4GB of my 16GB RAM, Intel Virtualization tech is enabled, but when I click to run it, I see the splash screen and then it closes again! So VM isn't the solution.

So now, I'd like to revert to the first option I wanted to do. Install WinXP natively onto my HDD but the problem is that my motherboard (ASUS Z87-A) drivers are only compatible with Win7 and up so what can I do to install chipset, SATA and USB3.0 (though this isn't absolutely necessary) drivers for WinXP? Thanks.
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  1. All you an do is install windows xp and hope they have generic drivers.
  2. All I can reaaly suggest is to build a retro machine for which you can get XP drivers. Suggest ebay for parts.
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