z87 motherboard selection for gaming>/entertainment build. With restricted internet access

Been doing a bit of research and usually when I look for something I wind up at someone asking a question on here so thought I might do the same. The Intel i5-4670K is what I’ve chosen in terms of CPU.

If your the impatient type there is a summary at the end.

Budget for the motherboard tops out at $230, looking for a high performance to price ratio as well as something that would fit my style of usage. I’m really just building something that would end up being 70% Gaming and 30% Home Entertainment. I want the capability for 2way SLI. Something that is durable because I move around a lot and the areas I usually reside in are either scorching hot with bouts of humidity or just nice cold weather. Heat is usually the problem and has given me some worries as the last desktop I had overheated and my latest laptop actually had components melt. That being said, I am curious about overclocking but not planning on going into it until I have fully studied water cooling, until then, I was thinking a standards closed loop system like the h100i would do for the time being.

Wifi/Ether/, Wifigo?
Another issue is lack of internet connectivity in my residence I have a laptop so if I ever need to play online with my 360 i just use my laptop as a bridge as the router is inconvenient . I would rather not do that with a rig so ive been looking at solutions such as wifi adapters that plug into a usb and also PCI wireless adapters. I somewhat feel like thats a bit leaning towards blinging up my rig but if installing a wireless adapter in a PCI slot is better than the WiFiGO technology some of the boards have. I will gladly invest in an adapter.

-Something to add is that some of the features of the WiFigo Tech would be irrelevant to me because I do not stream videos between devices nor do own a tablet or tv that can.

Alright so tl;dr
Budget for mobo is tops out at $230(USD)
-Most bang for buck
-Fits a gamers mid tier needs
-2way SLI capabale
Is WiFiGO better than PCI/USB adapter
-is it worth the money/capable of letting me play online in peace
My build as it stands right now:

Anything I left out please ask, I’m completely new to this(both writing in forums as well as putting computers together) and I’ve been reading/learning about building a rig for about an exact month now (gotta love the hobbies of a newly single guy, not to mention theres all this green stuff in my wallet now) so I’d love conversation and critiquing....also because i don’t wanna mess up my first build.
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    Take a look at the Asus Maximus VI Hero, does SLI, most any DRAM you want (up to 32GB, depending on CPU), look for a good USB N wifi adapter, great gaming mobo, also good all round for everything, run Direct TV through mine, has a great Audio chipset (ROG SupremeFX 8 Channel). Pairs nicely with the 4670K or if wanting HYper threading the 4770K.
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