OCed FX 9370(@5.5GHz) or OCed 4770k(@4,5GHz) or OCed 4820k (@4,5GHz) with Corsair h100i - BEST option for HARD gaming???

Hello all! I wanna mention that all these numbers are.. I think achievable with h100i cooling system - 100% I guess.
This is my first post so... I wanna build a new gaming rig and I cant decide whats the best choice - Intel (4,5 fps above AMD in gaming) or AMD hard OC'ed? My budget is @ $2000 (maybe more) and I wonder whats the best choice with Corsair H100i I saw that Haswell CPUs (4770k) have troubles with OC even with h100i and it kinda made me upset, than I decided to go with 4820k and I saw benchmarks that say the IB-E 4820k is lower than Haswell 4770k thaaan I decided to go with AMD (a FX 9370 hard OCed, it gets 4.7GHz in turbo mode 100% sure and I can go as high as 5,5GHz almost 100%, not like 8350 wich is a lottery depending of chipset and youre lucky if u get 5.0GHz stable and I think that this FX-9370 is the best choice).
my components are here:
corsair h100i
mobo - asus crosshair v formula-Z am3+ / asus maximus 6 for 1150
gpu - gtx 770 dc2 oc 2gb 256bit
ram - corsair vengeance 16gb ram 1600mhz
ssd - kingston hyper x 3k 240gb
hdd - wd 1tb 7200rpm buff64bit
psu - corsair 750w gold 90%ef
an average dwd-rw
and the case is ... idk, one above 190mm
(if some of that info are wrong - sorry, my fault - the site where I made my wishlist doesnt work now (maintenance) and I dont wanna wait for it.
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    On a $2000 budget for gaming, I wouldn't even consider AMD. The 4770k at 4.5GHz (which could be difficult to attain) will wipe the floor with an FX 9370 even at 5.5GHz (which I haven't heard of anyone reaching.) It's looking like the 4770k is going to pull even further ahead in gaming with next-gen stuff being released.
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